Southeastern based artist Nancy Stroupe has a unique style all her own. Whether she is creating paintings, pottery, jewelry or other treasures, her special vision is unlike any other. Some of her artwork is comprised of more than one type of media.

 Nancy's line of Fantasy Critters is becoming an icon throughout the art arena. Fantasy Critters are Nancy's very own original media, a form of negative space painting. This new "Critter" art form is quickly gaining recognition worldwide.

  Nancy originally did the first painting in the Critters series, Mexican Fantasy, while she was in Mexico for several weeks. When she got back to the United States, she scanned her original watercolor. She then drew in all of the black lines and the background. Suddenly, she had an idea for a series of Critters, all of which would have a background as an original abstract watercolor painting. One never tires of looking at these paintings; there is always a new critter to discover!  

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  From tranquil beach scenes to fanciful critters, there certainly is something to please every eye.